With Kerastase, the hair becomes beautiful and healthy.

Kerastase cosmetics appeared with the assistance of professional hairdressers and scientific groups specializing in the development of hair care products. Initially, she focused on beauty salons. But today, including thanks to the online store EVA.UA, every woman can buy shampoo, oil, mask of a well-known brand.

These products take care of the hair, giving it shine and strength, stimulating growth and keeping the scalp healthy.

Kerastase from L`Oreal.

The history of Kerastase begins in 1964 in France. Then there were ideal conditions for the emergence of such a brand. Hairstyles that require a lot of Post Ad – varnish came into fashion, and more and more women sought to acquire light curls. So the girls tried to imitate Marilyn Monroe.

The image of an American actress, singer, model was popular all over the world. But the desire to look spectacular led to hair damage, dandruff, and other problems. This could not go on for long.

There is an urgent need for an effective and safe cosmetic series.

The decision to create the brand was made by the president of L`Oreal Francois Dalle. The new cosmetics did not contain dyes and harmful perm agents. French women and hairdressers fell in love with the brand that had just appeared on the market, and thanks to this love, it entered the international level.

The products released allowed maintaining the natural attractiveness of the hair and guaranteed proper daily care for them.

How does Kerastase hair cosmetics come in handy?

The catalog of the online store contains Kerastase hair cosmetics of various types: from sprays to masks. Professional products of this brand are divided into several lines. Each of them is focused on a specific hair type. Correct selection

French cosmetics successfully solve the following problems:

nourishes, moisturizes, restores; returns natural shine; strengthens colored curls; serves to prevent the formation of dandruff; protects against UV radiation; enhances cell regeneration.

More than a hundred names of Kerastaz products are on our website. You can familiarize yourself with the prices for cosmetics and choose the one you need yourself. Managers-consultants are ready to answer questions about the assortment and help with the best choice by phone. The EVA online store serves customers in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro, Odessa and other large and small settlements of Ukraine.

Online applications are registered around the clock, and delivery of orders in the amount of 400 UAH is carried out at the expense of the company.

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