Review of the Hisense RR220D4AP2 refrigerator.

Refrigerator Hisense RR220D4AP2 has a useful volume of 149 liters, which allows you to store a large amount of ready meals and fresh food. At the same time, it will not become a source of limiting decibels in your apartment, because it is characterized by a reduced noise level during operation.

The cheapest Xiaomi two-compartment refrigerator is presented The Chinese manufacturing giant Xiaomi is constantly expanding its product portfolio, in which many different types of household appliances are presented. This week, the brand unveiled its cheapest refrigerator in the MIJIA ecosystem. Two-compartment refrigerator Xiaomi MIJI.

Xiaomi’s largest two-door refrigerator presented Xiaomi has unveiled the new MIJIA 185L two-door refrigerator, which has been announced alongside a large four-door model called the MIJIA Cross 496L. The Xiaomi MIJIA 185L refrigerator is on offer at the pre-order stage for only $ 169.

New refrigerators Samsung RB7000 released in Russia Samsung Electronics has released new refrigerators RB7000 in Russia, which can be bought in the official Samsung online store with free shipping throughout Russia. The recommended price for Samsung RB7000 is from 73,990 rubles. Twin Cooling Plus technology.

Samsung Launches New RB7300 Series Refrigerators Samsung Electronics is launching a new series of refrigerators featuring high energy efficiency and innovative technology to keep food fresh. The new RB7300 delivers perfect cooling while offering more storage space for your pro.

Xiaomi introduced new refrigerators. The price of the three-door is only $ 140 Yesterday Redmi presented its first and very inexpensive soundbar, and today the range of Xiaomi has officially replenished with three new refrigerators

Xiaomi launches its cheapest MIJIA refrigerator The Chinese company Xiaomi has expanded its range of products with the new MIJIA two-door refrigerator, which is the company’s cheapest refrigerator. Its cost in China is only 899 yuan ($ 129). Pre-orders are already open.

The 118-liter refrigerator measures 470.

World’s First Refrigerator with Huawei HarmonyOS Unveiled Midea has unveiled the world’s first refrigerator that runs Huawei’s HarmonyOS operating system. Since it is a smart home product, the refrigerator offers corresponding functions. The refrigerator can inform.

Sales of the innovative refrigerator Samsung RF5500K started in Russia. Samsung Electronics announced the start of sales in Russia of the innovative refrigerator with a dual-circuit cooling system Samsung RF5500K, which is available at a price of 139,990 rubles. The proprietary Twin Cooling Plus cooling system allows you to maintain optimal temperatures.

How to keep food fresh for a long time Storing food in a frozen state allows us to stock up on a large amount of food, meat, fish, vegetables, and so on. To do this, it is best to use a freezer chest, such as we usually see in trade pavilions and stores. The freezer allows.

Xiaomi unveils a new refrigerator under the Mijia brand Xiaomi has announced its new refrigerator of the Mijia ecosystem with a large volume of 540 liters. The new refrigerator will be the largest in the company’s line of refrigerators. Before that, she has already released models with a volume of 160, 170 and 450 liters.

The refrigerator differs relatively mini.

New multi-door refrigerator Samsung French Door launched in Russia Sales of new multi-door refrigerator French Door with a double-circuit cooling system started in Russia. The RF5000A has a suggested retail price of 109,990 rubles. The Twin Cooling Plus dual-circuit cooling system regulates temperature and humidity,.

Xiaomi unveils a giant refrigerator at an attractive price Xiaomi has unveiled a new refrigerator of the Mijia ecosystem, which is the largest in the company’s line of refrigerators. Prior to this, the company released models with a volume of 160, 170 and 450 liters, and the volume of the new refrigerator is 540 liters. At the stage of collective fin.

What is the best temperature to set in the refrigerator and freezer In modern models, you can accurately set the temperature regime for different storage zones – we figure out what temperature should be in the refrigerator and freezer so that the food stays fresh and healthy for longer.

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